May 20, 2021

Donald Dirren Discusses Why Golf is a Great Activity for Retirees

Donald Dirren Discusses Why Golf is a Great Activity for Retirees Looking for a great way to get in shape, have fun, and maintain social distancing? Donald Dirren believes golf should top the to-do list, especially for seniors. Here’s why. Many people have put on extra weight and grown out of shape in recent months […]

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Don Dirren
March 19, 2021

Don Dirren Helps When Assessing Your Business Risks in 2021

Don Dirren is a business assessment professional who has years of experience providing help for many companies. In 2020, he saw the transformations caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and helped many firms stay open in the face of this problem. And he recently provided details on risk assessment for 2021, including what issues are likely to […]

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Don Dirren
May 12, 2020

Don Dirren Gives Tips to Help Maximize Social Security Benefits During Retirement

Receiving sound financial advice from a professional is something that many people would benefit from. One issue that a lot of people have is that they are not always able to apply the lessons they learn in a practical manner. However, one popular financial advisor has continued to offer sound tips that can help people […]

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Social Security Benefits
May 1, 2020

Donald Dirren Helps Seniors with Social Security Planning

Don Dirren is helping seniors with all facets of social security planning and a spectrum of important financial decisions. Income in retirement is one of the most critical factors in determining seniors’ quality of life. Donald Dirren is experienced and adept at these planning sessions.   Topics covered during social security planning include other sources of […]

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