Donald Dirren Discusses Why Golf is a Great Activity for Retirees

Donald Dirren

May 20, 2021

Donald Dirren Discusses Why Golf is a Great Activity for Retirees

Looking for a great way to get in shape, have fun, and maintain social distancing? Donald Dirren believes golf should top the to-do list, especially for seniors. Here’s why.

Many people have put on extra weight and grown out of shape in recent months owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. With gyms and other exercise facilities shut down and unhealthy foods offering socially distanced enjoyment, a lot of people have gained weight. Right now, a good workout might go a long way. Donald Dirren argues that golfing offers a great escape for seniors and others.

“Golfing is a pretty relaxed sport, especially as far as physical strain is concerned,” Donald Dirren says. “But you can get quite a lot of exercise, especially if you skip the cart and walk. If you don’t have the stamina to play 18 holes, just play 9 holes.”

While many gyms shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of golf courses remained open. Now, even more golf courses are opening up, and you can maintain social distancing without interrupting the game.

“One of the best parts about golfing right now is that social distancing was the norm even before the pandemic,” Donald Dirren says. “You might play with a group of friends, but everyone else on the course will typically stay away. Often, there are hundreds of yards between you and the people playing both in front and behind you.”

While it can be hard to get people to adjust to social distancing rules in the grocery store or at work, the nature of golf, and long instilled habits, make social distancing easier to follow. Further, since the coronavirus is killed by sunlight, and golf courses are often quite sunny, the risk of exposure is lowered. Even if the person in front of you has the coronavirus, it’ll likely die off before you’re exposed.

Donald Dirren Talks About the Health Benefits of Golfing

Golfing is a great activity amid the COVID-19 pandemic not just because it’s safe, but also because you can get a good workout. Fortunately for seniors, golfing is also not especially taxing, especially regarding strain.

“Walking is one of the best low-impact workouts around,” Donald Dirren argues, “especially if you go on a walk for a few hours at a time. When you go golfing, you spend a lot of time walking, assuming you skip the cart of course. Yet you’ll rarely over-exert yourself, especially if you have a proper swing.”

Play basketball or soccer, and you may find yourself running a lot and potentially colliding with other people. While that might be fine for young adults, seniors may quickly find themselves out of breath and banged up. Golf isn’t a contact sport and doesn’t require running. Just make sure you know how to properly swing.

“If you swing the club wrong, you could pull out some muscles,” Donald Dirren points out. “That said, by developing proper form and not over-exerting yourself, you can reduce the risk of strains and pains.”