About Me

As a licensed financial advisor and the owner and operator of two independent brokerage firms, Donald Dirren provides clients with the timely information they need to manage their personal and business finances. With over 37 years in the industry, Dirren holds particular expertise in retirement planning and seeks to help clients grow and preserve wealth while passing on a legacy to loved ones.

Dirren built his professional career at several companies, eventually moving on to owning his own business. He uses his broad knowledge in the financial industry and personal experiences to inform clients about retirement and intellectual wealth management challenges and opportunities. As a longtime resident of Arizona, Dirren enjoys many activities in the state and closely follows several of the state's professional and collegiate sports teams.

The Career Focus of Donald Dirren

The owner of Integrated Financial Services in Phoenix, Dirren, has three decades of experience advising clients on a multitude of issues in the financial industry. Also affiliated with Bergen Financial Group, Dirren built a career by providing clients with solid financial advice and writing about important personal issues that impact the retiree lifestyle. His motivation, unique experiences, and skill set paved the way for many professional accomplishments:

A Bachelor of Science degree in marketing and management from Arizona State University

The attainment of a top Safe Money Specialist in Arizona at Bergen Financial Group

The creation of a series of blogs on wealth management and lifestyle enhancement

Professional Skills

As an Arizona leader in the financial industry, Dirren holds several skills and learning attainments that serve his clients well. With extensive experience covering a broad array of fiscal matters, Dirren has professional knowledge in the following financial areas:

Life Insurance

Marketing Strategy

Estate preservation

Guaranteed lifetime income


With an emphasis on retirement planning, Dirren has the expertise to advise clients near retirement and in retirement on several best practices. With extensive knowledge in the following areas, Dirren helps clients reach important financial goals:


401(k) management

Roth IRA

Financial planning


Long-term care planning

Blogs and Articles on Financial Matters

Donald Dirren writes helpful informational articles and blogs to educate clients and the general public about important issues. Many of these pieces cover financial matters, such as minimizing Social Security tax payments and developing practical retirement plans.

These articles rely on his experience in the financial sector, his discussion with clients, and his personal experience. In his blog, "Learn About Buy & Hold Myths," Dirren discusses the importance of the cost of stocks in this strategy and how to manage risk for the best results. Even when covering complex topics, Dirren strives to make the content easy to understand.

Information on Lifestyle Issues

Understanding that retirement encompasses financial matters and lifestyle choices, Dirren also writes extensively on how a positive lifestyle can lead to a more rewarding retirement. These articles cover everything from golf to scuba diving to hiking to traveling.

Golfing and Arizona

As an avid golfer and long-time Arizona resident, Dirren extols the virtues of this activity for active retirees. Not only can golfers enjoy some of the nicest courses in the country, but they also get to golf in a unique environment noted for mountains and desert scenery.

Scuba Diving and the Florida Keys

Dirren explains some of the best places to scuba dive in this world-class location. Areas such as Looe Key Reef, French Reef, Neptune Memorial Reef, and Christ of the Abyss provide opportunities to see coral gardens, ship ruins, and other attractions.

Hiking Around the Phoenix Area

Places such as Papago Park, the Waterfall Trail, Estrella Mountain, and the Echo Canyon Trail offer excellent hiking close to Arizona's largest city. These trails allow people to get out and breathe fresh air, enjoy some lovely sights and get some exercise. Dirren explains how hiking can enrich the quality of life of many retirees and provide mental health benefits.

Traveling Tips

Dirren also provides information on how to get the most out of traveling, especially for adults who have left the workforce. As an avid traveler, he covers topics such as how to stay safe while traveling and what trends will likely shape travel in the future.

Personal Life

Dirren enjoys traveling with his significant other and favors trips to various warm weather locales, including Hawaii and Florida. There, he spends time engaged in favorite activities such as golfing, hiking, and scuba diving.

As a longtime resident of Arizona, Donald Dirren remains an enthusiastic sports fan and attends games of many of his favorite teams with his family and friends. He follows the Arizona Cardinals, the Phoenix Suns, the Arizona Diamondbacks, and ASU basketball and football games.


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