Learn About Buy & Hold Myths With Donald Dirren

Donald Dirren

April 30, 2021


Donald Dirren Explains Two Myths  About Buy & Hold –  A Tried and True Investment Strategy  

Financial planner, Donald Dirren is a 30-year veteran in this sphere.  As an alumnus of Arizona State University, ASU is a resounding force in his industry.  Arizona is considered a moderately friendly state for retirees in terms of taxation. Because his specialty is working with retirees, he is well known.

Donald Dirren makes it plain –  what exactly is “buy and hold”? It is considered a passive strategy when it comes to stock investment. Investors buy stocks and then hold them for an extended period no matter what occurs in the stock market.

Myth number one – the cost of stock is unimportant. However, there are some common misconceptions or “myths” about the buy-and-hold strategy. One misconception is that the price of the stock purchased is irrelevant. Buy-and-hold is not a cut-and-dried strategy. There are certain nuances that only professional financial advisors are aware of. In other words, it is always important to have a professional help you understand the stock market and how it works before you plunge in. Donald Dirren is that person for his clients. His professional acumen is incontrovertible.

Common myth number two the implication that the whole strategy of buying hold ignores risk. Buy-and-hold does not mean that every fluctuation in the stock market is good because the end justifies the risk. The nuances of the buy-and-hold strategy are best navigated by a professional. It is not a black-and-white approach. The fact is that every day in the stock market will not be a good day even for buy and hold strategists.

You can learn more about buy-and-hold facts with a simple consultation with Donald Dirren. He is currently a top Safe Money Specialist with Bergen Financial Group. Here he maintains his focus on retirement planning and educating his clients on ways to protect, preserve, and bequeath their wealth to their loved ones. During the course of educating his clients, Donald Dirren adds his own experiences to the coursework. He has lived through or witnessed firsthand many real-life scenarios that he can effectively present to his clients. This addition makes the financial content easier to understand.

Donald Dirren is known throughout the financial industry in the state of Arizona due to his ownership of two independent brokerage firms. He also operated these firms making him an individual with vast experience and knowledge. In addition to his familiarity with the buy and hold investment strategy, Donald Dirren is expert at Social Security planning, tax planning in retirement, and how to manage life insurance products for seniors and those in long-term care.