Donald Dirren Recaps Advice Surrounding Social Security Planning and Maximizing Benefits

Donald Dirren

July 1, 2020

Donald Dirren

Phoenix-based financial advisor Don Dirren provides expert insight into maximizing benefits via Social Security planning.

A veteran of the financial services industry, Donald Dirren has now been a licensed financial advisor for more than three decades. Based in Arizona and an expert in Social Security planning, Dirren offers an overview of how best to plan for the future by maximizing available benefits.

“Successful Social Security planning is, ultimately, about maximizing benefits for you and your household,” explains licensed financial advisor Donald Dirren, speaking from his office in the Arizona state capital city of Phoenix.

Administered by the U.S. Social Security Administration, an independent agency of the federal government, Social Security pertains to a number of social welfare and social insurance programs, according to Donald Dirren. “These programs are designed to provide individuals with benefits when they retire or should they become disabled in life,” reveals the expert.

Social Security, Donald Dirren goes on to further point out, also relates to qualifying benefits paid to a spouse or other eligible family members when an individual passes away.

An often challenging aspect of income management, Social Security planning is ultimately about preparing for eventualities in the future. “It’s important for many of us to maximize our Social Security benefits if we’re to maintain a particular lifestyle, for example, after we retire,” explains Donald Dirren. This aspect of Social Security planning, he suggests, is often the number one concern for those looking into the matter.

Properly understanding the process, then, Donald Dirren says, is extremely important. “We all know to expect the unexpected in life, so why not plan for it now rather than waiting until another day to do so?” asks Dirren, a graduate of Arizona State University, somewhat rhetorically.

Donald Dirren uses what he calls an education-first discovery process in his Social Security planning endeavors. “This is ultimately to pinpoint clients’ individual retirement goals,” explains Dirren, now a highly seasoned financial advisor with over 30 years of invaluable experience under his belt.

Consider the risk of becoming disabled, too, suggests Donald Dirren, for even greater peace of mind. “It’s important to factor in all possible eventualities,” says the expert, “including what happens when you pass away.”

Donald Dirren is focused on educating individuals wishing to preserve, protect, and pass on their wealth, using his own experiences and illustrations of real-life situations in an effort to make the topic as clear as possible, particularly in regards to retirement planning.

“Make a point of speaking to several local financial advisors if you’re in any doubt whatsoever,” suggests Donald Dirren, wrapping up, “and work with the right one for you to maximize your benefits via professional Social Security planning while also safeguarding your financial legacy in the process.”