Donald Dirren Discusses His Predictions for the Arizona Cardinals in the 2021 NFL Season

Donald Dirren

October 23, 2021

Avid Arizona Cardinals fan Donald Dirren discusses his predictions for the remainder of the 2021 football season.

Donald Dirren is an Arizona local who is dedicated to his team, the Arizona Cardinals. He recently discussed his predictions for the remainder of the 2021 football season.

“The Cardinals have been expected to have an average season, but they’re making us proud,” Donald Dirren said. “They started the season with a victory over the Tennessee Titans, a week two win over the Vikings, and a week three win over the Jacksonville Jaguars.”

Dirren explained that football experts from Sportsnaut predicted the Cardinals would finish the season with a record of eight wins and nine losses. The team is starting with three major wins, and fans expect to see more soon.

“Week four is going to be a difficult one,” Donald Dirren said. “The Cardinals tend to struggle away from home, and they’ll be battling the Los Angeles Rams.”

Dirren stated that the Cardinals are 6-10 for away games with their current coach. Los Angeles also has an excellent at-home record. This upcoming week, the Rams are expected to play in front of a sold-out crowd in the new stadium, which experts suggest is too much for Arizona to pull off a win.

Week four may be a major challenge, but week five is looking more promising for Donald Dirren and Cardinals fans. The team has lost its past two games at home versus the San Francisco 49ers, but experts suggest that won’t be a trend. The Sportsnaut prediction for week five is Cardinals 27 to 49ers 23.

“We’re now predicted to win against the Packers, the Texans, and even the Panthers,” Dirren said. “If we can add in some upsets, like victories over the Cowboys, 49ers, and Lions, we could make the postseason and continue winning.” has also predicted that the Cardinals will make the 2021 playoffs. This prediction also showed quarterback Kyler Murray scoring more than 34 touchdowns, making for an impressive season.

“We’re hoping these predictions are correct, but we’re not counting on the playoffs yet,” Donald Dirren explained. “The season has only begun, and the Cardinals need to remain strong to take home enough victories to make the postseason. That means keeping the team motivated and healthy. Only time will tell.”